October 16th, 2008


Last Week in Review

Hey, all. I've not been around much lately. Things have been really busy at work in the last two weeks and I've been getting home between 7:30-8 most nights. Keeping that sort of schedule definately makes for a tired me. And tired me has mush brain and cannot write anything. I'll probably put the sex prompt fics on hold for the time being, since I have to start putting in some serious work in on my Bangel fic for iwry_marathon. I've had some really great conversations with only_passenger  and eowyn_315  about it and what I'd like to do with the fic. It's a fairly ambitious idea and will likely be pretty difficult for me to write, so I want to take the full month and change I have to work on it. I have some outlines for the other prompts and fuly intend on finishing those up when time allows. Also, is anyone planning on going to writercon this July? I am sooo psyched!  

Last Tuesday I saw Madonna at Madison Square Garden. I have always wanted to see her and she didn't disappoint. That woman has an amazing body, put on a great, energetic show and had lots of older songs I could sing to! Now that I've seen Madonna, Annie Lennox, and Christina Aguilera everyone else is just icing on the cake. You never know when Annie or Madonna will stop touring now that they're both 50+. On a side note, does anyone remember her song "You'll See"? Omfg, how great is that song!? Beautiful ballad and music video. Check it out! Thematically, it sort of aligns itself very nicely with my fics. Someone could do a great Faith or Buffy fanvid to the song.

I'm also very excited about my plans for Halloween. The past two Halloweens I didn't do anything since I was steeped in midterms and was generally stringing a noose for myself, but this year I'm participating in a city-wide scavenger hunt! It's organized by a corporate team-building HR firm and the goal of the scav hunt is to infiltrate a cult and stop the leader from creating chaos in the city. I've signed up with my boss, his friends, and my friend MS. We've already had to solve difficult word clues and have been reading about last year's hunt, which included team members having to get into unmarked, black vans to find clues, search for keys on streetlights and other sketchy things. Team Monkeyface will be meeting next week for drinks at my boss's apartment to create a strategy and get to know each other. 

On a related note, my boss is the creator and main writer on the blog NY Barfly, an alcohol and bar review site. I went with my boss this Monday to The Algonquin, the oldest operated hotel in New York City, to sample their bars limited time Obama and McCain-tinis. Unsurprisingly, one was blue and the other was red. I was talking a bit about my fic work with him and the entire beta process some of us use. He recruited me to copyedit his articles, which I've happily been doing since Tuesday. I actually pulled out my AP Stylebook to really review grammar and I think my editing has gotten stronger even in the last week in terms of mechanics. James and I are planning on taking a copyediting course offered through Media Bistro in the next month or two. We're psyched!

In the last two weeks I have also visited three HS/college friends' first apartments. My friend Ethan has moved to a spacious studio on 126th Street in Harlem and MS has moved to a beautiful pre-war, two-bedroom in Washington Heights. We're the Uptown crew now. Woo! Go A train! It's very exciting to have so many more friends living in my neck of the woods. Also exciting to be embarking on "adult life" together, talking about jobs, apartments and trying to muddle through what it is to be an adult in the real world.  

How are you all doing?