October 5th, 2008

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Look Like a Member of the BtVS cast? Dress up!

Hey, people. I was both thrilled and highly amused by the reception that my Get it Done Buffy costume got. Thanks to all who commented. Many smiles were had by all in my household. maharet83  mentioned Halloween in her comment, so I thought: what the heck?

Members of my flist! I challenge you to dress up like the BtVS or AtS character you most resemble and make a post. I can't be the only one to have all the fun! Surely, there's gotta be people out there that resemble SMG, Michelle, Aly, Amber, etc. or any of the other girls/guys of the shows.

Feel free to pimp this idea far and wide with a link back to this post. I'd love to see if anyone is willing to ransack their closets and try and capture the spirit of some of our favorite characters! It is October, after all. Bonus points to anyone who dresses not only as the character, but also in a Halloween costume they wore from one of the episodes.
think sex

How to write hot sex over at shared_wisdom

This week at shared_wisdom, nautibitz  has written and posted a wonderful and informative essay on
How To Write Smokin' Hot Smut. I highly recommend reading it. She makes some excellent points and, in typical Nauti style, dispenses some great advice with flare and humor. It was definately interesting for me to compare notes with her and see how her process and mine are similar and different.

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