September 28th, 2008

faith downcast

WIP Meme - Also, damn you, LJ cuts. Damn you to hell!

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

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I've been working on most of these one shots anywhere from 6 months to a year. Seeing them again... Ah, failure, how I love thee. The fic prompts you guys gave me have been very agreeable, so I'll be sticking with those until they're done. Maybe one day I can finish all of these, as well. Turns out I really want to write Faith stories! *sigh* So many good ideas here.

Rogue Poet Awards

Rogue Poet Awards posted their winners tonight and I'm pleased to announce that I snagged a few awards for Acts of Contrition, a fic that I personally love a great deal. Thanks to the judges and graphic artists for all their hard work. You ladies consistantly run one of the best award sites out there.

Special shout-outs to eowyn_315 , snowpuppies , ash_carpenter , girlpire , slaymesoftly , and athenewolfe  for their outstanding wins. It's always exciting to see authors that you beta for or who have written stories for you winning awards. There was some very tight competition this round. 

And, of course, I can't forget my cheerleaders, who I always like to acknowledge when I can. Congrats to my girls dragonflylady77 , ellan_vannin , framedinlove  and tibialisant . *hugs*

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In other news, about an hour ago, while watching Desperate Housewives, my mom shouted from the living room: "Is this the guy that played Caleb?" When I jogged in I stopped dead in my tracks and cried out, "It's Brian!!"

Mom: "Brian who?"
Me: "Brian from Queer as Folk!"
Mom: "Which one was he?"
Me: "The really hot one who fucked everybody."
Mom: "Oh. I guess they brought him on as the hot guy to fuck Terry Hatcher then."

Hee. I watched seasons 1-2 of QaF and loved it, but haven't really kept up with the cast or (more specifically) Gale Harold after the show ended. Raise your hands if you'd like to see a Brian/Spike fic! If any of you know of some good ones, link me!