September 21st, 2008

finger point

A mixed bag ~ slash writing, Equus and Titanic

The struggle with fic continues on for another week, much to my displeasure. You'd think oscillating between four different fics, each with different characters and/or pairings, would increase the probability that you'll move on one or the other, but no. All dead in the water. I have also discovered something about writing slash. Pronoun confusion sucks. A lot. A whole big fucking lot. He or him? Well, which one? When you start using proper nouns to clarify who performs or receives an action, it also begins to get fairly repetative. That is one of the biggest pet peeves of mine as a writer. Redundancy and repetition. The same word too close to each other in a row? It ruins it for me and I notice it like a sore thumb. The end result? A fic with utterly for shit pacing. It's like a marching band marching over rocky terrain. Loud and all over the place. How do you slash writers do it? Please tell me!

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