September 11th, 2008


Fall in the Big Apple

I'd say summer is officially over in my little corner of the Northeast. In the last three days or so, trousers, cardigans and blazers have now crept back onto the ladies fashion scene. It's gone from the 80s to the 60s and the sun sets pretty close to 7PM. So long summer. You will be missed.

This last week has been a busy one personally and on a city-wide level. This Monday kicked off NY's bi-annual Fashion Week. I work two blocks from Bryant Park. Without fail, the white canopies went up in the park and the Spring runway shows were scheduled. With Conde Nast and HBO corporate headquarters around the corner, flimsy fashionistas trotting around in skinny jeans, dresses and vests have been pretty common sight. I don't live in an extremely hip and trendy section of Manhattan, so I don't often get the paparazzi flocks that sometimes crowd the streets of the Villages, SoHo, Tribeca or points south of me, but they were in force at the runway shows. When I would go out to get lunch, it was always an exercise in sidewalk defensive driving to get around the crushes of photogs. Last Fashion week I nearly got run over and hit by a cab as a gaggle of photographers chased a fashion designer across 41st St and 6th Ave.

Across the street from me is a small plaza called Grace Plaza. Usually, it's just an empty promenade with some pretty potted trees and park benches in front of the office buildings on the corner of the block, but for Fashion Week they set up a temporary exhibition space for a Valentino costume show called The Read Thread to celebrate Valentino's iconic career. When I get in later tonight, I'll post some pictures I took of the dresses they had displayed. It was pretty cool and, although open to the pubic, I did not actually go in to ogle the dresses.

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