August 31st, 2008

Fangel vs. Spuffy

Fic Rec

I don't rec fics a lot. I honestly don't read enough anymore to do a whole hell of a lot of reccing. But, my God, this particular fic is literally the best I've read in ages. It's Bangel. Don't scoff. I know. Just hear me out.[info]trixiefirecra 's post-NFA tale of Buffy mourning Angel's death is so gut-wrenchingly angsty, I just about peed my pants. *loves* The scattered thoughts of Buffy's memory about her and about Angel make this piece such a whirlwind of reflection, you feel as though you're just scrambling to catch up with her next line of thought. It's a story of Buffy's final goodye and a passionate memory. Trixie writes Buffy and Angel the way I envision Buffy and Spike - raw, desperate, passionate, and manic in their need to just hold on a little longer. A unique style, a heartwrenching story, a fervant goodbye and, of course, some fucking hot sex. Heh, and a wee bit of cross-burning.

If you can manage to put the Bangel bias aside, take a look at For Him, While Dreaming. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am off to snoop around the rest of her journal.