August 27th, 2008

good times

A Day at the Beach with Herself

To break up the monotony of the work week, herself_nycinvited me out to Long Beach, Long Island for a day at the shore with her. I hopped the 10:30 LIRR train out of Penn Station and rode out to the Island. Along the way I read the first trade of the Buffy Comics, courtesy of my aunt. Not sure how I feel about them. Xander's characterization was pretty top notch, but the writing and plot felt somewhat inconsistant, like Joss just threw the kitchen sink into it and hoped that something stuck. It's also somewhat jarring to read Buffy rather than see it. The story told in the comic is extremely truncated compared to what we might see on the show, so it felt like the action was rushed along for the sake of time and space. 

When I disembarked at the station at 11:30, NK met me and we walked over to a Starbucks for breakfast, drinks and snacks. On the way to the fruit market, however, a wrong turn into the parking lot caught the eye of a LI police officer in his cruiser. It should be noted that us New Yorkers don't drive very often, which can make navigating in unfamiliar areas an even greater challenge. Needless to say, in a somewhat antagonistic and aggressive tone, the officer admonished us, but let NK off with a stern warning sans ticket. It was a memorable start to our day. 

A stop over at her parents ocean-side condo gave us a space to change and prep for our beach outing. I've been working on another ficlet for fantas_magoria, and needed to watch scenes from seasons 2,3 and 5 of Buffy for reference. As NK checked her email I sat in front of the DVD player watching al of Angel's very limited encounters with Joyce carefully. 

It was a very comfortable 80 today, clear skies, and sunny. With notebook in hand, a bottle of water and a copy of the latest New Yorker, NK and I settled down for three and a half hours in the sun. The beach was pleasantly uncrowded midday during a work day. Both of us took a lengthy dip in the (seasonally warm) Atlantic, chatting about this and that, the topics ranging from museums, fic, and her novel to work, vacations and dogs. There were also plenty of sizeable waves to thrash us about, send me sprawling, and cause some laughter and squeeks of surprise.   

All said, a wonderful, relaxing, beautiful day with great company. The 5:15 train ride home followed by the insane rush-hour subway crush... not nearly as fun. 

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