August 16th, 2008


Fang Fetish Awards - I'm Reeling

It's always wonderful to receive an award, but when I saw that I had won Best Author at Fang Fetish this round there definately was incredulity. I can't believe it. I have such respect for that site, for the authors nominated there, for what I believe is some of the fairest judging in fandom. I'm just blown away, sort of flabberghasted. I want to thank the judges and mods profusely for awarding me with such an honor. I wouldn't call myself insecure, but at the same time I'm looking around thinking " What?" I think I need to go sit down right now. 

I also want to extend a huge congratulations to only_passenger, sevendeadlyfun, snowpuppies, athenewolfe, herself_nyc, hello_spikey, shapinglight, and slaymesoftlyfor their outstanding wins. I have read nearly all of the fics that each of those authors won for and I couldn't agree more with how deserving they are. It's so cool that I've had a chance to stand face to face with five of them and been able to talk fic in their homes or over lunch. *hugs you girls* 

While I sit down and recover from my shock, here are the pretties I won for Call it Closure, Acts of Contrition, Window-Dressing, and Beneath Us. Quite a smattering of pairings there, not to mention new and old fic of mine. Damn. 

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