June 27th, 2008

buffy pensive

Greetings from San Francisco

Hello, all. So much has happened on my travels, but there has been little opportunity to update or write it all up. I just wanted to touch base, say I am still out there, and dodging the forest fires in California, as well as the 55 degree weather! We went from 107 in Vegas to 55 in California in one day. Talk about a shock!

Today we're heading to 'Frisco and then to Redwood National Forest. After that Crater Lake in Oregon and then to a Yellowstone in Wyoming. Another two weeks to the trip and three weeks under our belt with 5900 miles.

I'll try to get a real entry in soon - whitewater rafting in the Rio Grande, hot air balooning in Sedona, AZ over the red rocks, horsebackriding in the mountains of Taos, NM, seeing seals in Santa Cruz are just a few of the experiences I've had.

I am sad to report that fanfiction has not been on my mind at all during this trip and I haven't written a single word of fic the last few weeks. I"m afraid I won't have anything to post for you all by the time I get back. Forgive me!

I'll pop in again soon though. Hope you're all doing well.