June 12th, 2008


Greetings fyrom Baton Rouge!

Hey everyone! Gus and I are currently in a motel in Baton Rouge, LA  that has wifi, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to update you all on what we've been up to. I actually wrote this bit when we were stopped in Wilmington, NC a few days ago, but the wifi was testy and didn't want to post it. Later tonight once we get back from dinner I'll write a continuation.  For some reason, LJ was taking so damn long to upload pictures, so you'll have to survive without them for a bit, I"m afraid. They're the best part!

On Wednesday morning (the 4th) we left NYC and spent much of the morning and afternoon driving down to Washington D.C. to spend the evening with my friend Andrew, who I went to high school with and just graduated from George Washington. We got to DC at around 2:30 and were somewhat flabberghasted about how to get around. We did not immediately realize that their street numbers come in both East and West  varieties. The avenues weren't too tough to figure out, but the lettered streets also threw us for a loop. It's become clear that NYC is very, very easy to navigate being on the grid with chronological street numbers going north/south. However, the Rand McNally atlas didnt let us down, and we were able to find Independence Ave. where we parked the car in front of the Smithsonian. A quarter for 15 minutes! Damn! With the museums free, it's no wonder the parking and the taxes are so high though.

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