May 11th, 2008


Stick a fork in me...

cause I am DONE, baby!! Yeah. I finished my last ever undergrad paper early this afternoon, and it felt damn good. And a relief. 10 minutes after I merrily sent my paper off to my prof I gathered all 26 of my library books - those were from my thesis and my two other final papers - and proceeded to get them out of my sight by dropping them off at the various campus libraries. I am very happy to report that they no longer are blighting my floor. It's a relief. A big fucking relief.  

Tomorrow I'll be going in to work for the first time in a month. Last time I was there I had just returned from my awesome business trip to Tampa. I'm sure I'll have tons of catching up to do. Packing up all my shit is also on the to do list. Tonight after I have dinner with my dad, he'll drop off some boxes to me, so I can jump on it. 

Gus should also be buying our roadtrip car this week, which means this weekend I need to start practicing my driving again. I used to drive in high school and early college, but quickly got of the habit since I really don't need to in NYC. It's been about 3 years since I've been behind the wheel. This should be interesting... but I think it will be fine. I was a fine driver before and totally PWNED! parallel parking. Gus will also have to do the day-by-day itinerary break down, so that I can begin to make reservations for camp grounds in state parks. I can't tell you how excited I am about this trip though. A whole month of America. It seems sort of grand and wonderful!

Now that I no longer have my academic yolk keeping me down, I'll try to do some work on fanfiction. My first priority is finishing up my In Dreams fanged four drabbles, and then after that is anyone's guess. I have all sorts of things I could work on, it's just a matter of what bites me. only_passenger, I'm totally writing a far future post-nfa Spawn fic in the line of what we discussed sequel-wise for Truth Discovered. Get the bib ready. I want you to drool. Also Spectator won at S&B because of your delicious challenge, so thank you, love.

Also, when I wasn't looking, I snagged some awards at this round of Spark and Burn Awards and forbiddenawards. A Spectator Sport, Tea for Two, and In the Details all pulled in some pretties. I'm honestly surprised about how much award attention Tea has received. It's very satisfying since I love it, but who would have thought Spike/Tara, you know? Many, many gropings and snogs to my wonderfully talented flist, who all received awards for their fantastic efforts.

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