May 3rd, 2008

Spawn BFF

A Thought...

In a recent discussion about 'ships and the Spuffy pairing over at girlpire's journal, I mentioned that Buffy isn't an "enjoyable" character the way that Spike is. This got me thinking. In RL, would you ever actually be friends with any of the characters in the Jossverse? Even though Spike is the sex, if I knew someone like him in RL I'd probably find him a little creepy and stalkerish. I might gravitate toward Willow because she's an intellectual type, but at the same time she's wildly insecure about herself and I don't generally surround myself with people that lack confidence to that extreme. Tara is a dear, but I'm afraid she'd be so damn quiet and introverted at a social gathering, i'd just pass her right over. Faith is a hoot, but I think her partying ways would probably intimidate me, as well as the devil-may-care attitude. 

So, who does that leave us with? Oz and Giles seem like possibilities. Oz is a musician, laid back and non-plussed. I could see myself enjoying that sort of calm. He would be a good confidant. However, his lack of talking could get old fast. And Giles seems like an interesting person. He reminds me a bit of my best friends father who's a professor. i could see sort of tagging along wherever he went, waiting for him to impart some advice or little bits of knowledge. Admiring his self-assuredness, good looks, and hidden depths (again, another musician). 

Of the AtS cast, I'd say Fred and Lorne would be the most likely candidates. Fred is also so charmingly sweet and brilliant, I could easily see myself being a bit in awe of her and swapping horror stories of academia. I bet she would make an awesome best friend and know how to have a good time when happy hour roles around. And I have a friend who's just like Lorne, except not a green empath demon. A little fruity, flamboiant, snappy dresser, and pop-culture enthusiast? Yup, I think I would love spending time with him!

When you think about it, most of the characters are far too fucked up to live functional, non-self destructive lives outside of the context of demon fighting. They're dark and guarded with lots of baggage, which could make it very difficult to connect to them and form healthy relationships.
Who would be your RL Jossverse friend?