April 12th, 2008


Meta Post: What is romance?

So, the other day I was chattin' with hello_spikeyand our conversation about how one designates sexual versus romantic pairings in fics inspired me to wonder, "What does romance consist of in fics?" Need there be the word "love" exchanged, flowers and chocolates given, and stupendous orgasms received for it to be romance? Does sex need to be involved? Are there other "criteria" that you find necessary? 

Share your opinion. What sort of "romance" is your favorite to read/write? Be as broad or as specific as you like. When you read a pairing fic, do you expect sex only or a romantic connection, however you personally choose to define that? 

Personally, I have grappled with this question the last few days. My characters don't usually get "happy" or "romantic" endings or endings at all, really. No "I love yous" are said. I like to show the depth of emotion characters feel for each other through their actions. Often times, that is expressed through sex. Certainly, there is nothing traditionally romantic in what I depict. Have any other writers on my flist wondered about this in their own work as well?

As always, if there is anyone you think that might have an interesting response or would find this discussion engaging, point 'em my way!