April 11th, 2008

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Mooching off WiFi

That's what I'm currently doing...from Tampa... in a Sheraton. Ha. I am pleased to announce that I am currently on my first business trip! I'm working at the Convention Center this weekend in downtown Tampa for the MSA show, which is for exhibitors that market or produce products bought for and sold in museum stores/gift shops across the world. I've worked at trade shows before, the most recent one in February in NYC at the Javitts Center (yay, 12th! No public trans anywhere!), but this one specifically is geared toward what I do: namely, work with museums. 

I flew in at around 7:30PM. There was a bit of a delay getting out of Newark on account of the fog, but we got to Florida on time. It's a gorgeous 65 and should be in the 80s tomorrow. When I left NY, it was cold and dreary and drizzely. F that. I got to my hotel no problem and had a very enjoyable chat with the cab driver. It's a thing. I really like talking to cabbies. I'll almost always start conversations with them. They tend to have lots of interesting stories to tell. Got to my hotel room around 8:30 and checked in. My co-worker is at a college reunion tonight, so she's flying down tomorrow morning to meet me and we'll set up our booth then. Since I'm hooked up with the corporate AmEx, I went and had dinner at the restaurant in the lobby, which was excellent. A cup of lobster bisque soup and a salad with pears, goat cheese, craisins and grilled salmon all for a very affordable $20. While I chowed down, I looked out the huge windows onto the river that the hotel overlooks. It was quite a breath taking view. I entertained notions of dipping into the pool, but there was no one in it, so I thought it would be sort of weird of me to go in by myself at 10PM. Instead, I hung around on the deck overlooking the water and made a few calls to my pals to clue them in and get the scoop on their lives. 

A lot of stuff has been going on in my personal life for the last week, namely the death of my grandmother, of which I will dedicate a separate post to. I have also snagged a few more awards at Fang Fetish this round. I'm always so, so impressed by the amazing work the graphics team does on the award banners, so I invite you to take a look and oggle the pretties for By A Thread and Tea for Two

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