March 19th, 2008

trust me

Attention het fans! Got kink?

First off, many thanks to those that participated in last week's successful dicussion on the appeal of slash for women. All of your responses were very thought-provoking, so much so that I've got a new query for you het fans out there. ash_carpentermentioned that slash tends to tackle kink much more readily than het does. I agree with her. Why is this? Is it an issue of power dynamics or discomfort with bending gender norms that makes kink in het rarer? What sort of sex do you like to write/read and why? 

Many of the slashers agreed that the concept of wish fulfillment was a factor in their enjoyment of slash. How does this idea manifest itself in het fics? A few possibilities include happily-ever-after, romantic endings to stories or vanilla sex that is much better than what we would likely receive in real life. Feel free to name drop an author or story that you think has effectively tackled kink in het. 

As before, if you know anyone that might be interested in contributing their thoughts to this discussion (say, your flist), feel free to pimp this thread. The more contributors the merrier!  

ETA: I'd like to clarify what I mean by kink. It doesn't have to be extreme or BDSM-related, but it can be. I regularly write rimming, which I consider kinky, but by no means is it a physically aggressive act. Same goes for fisting, role play, orgasm denial, menstrual play, etc. Kink is pretty broad, and I don't want to place boundaries on it. Remember that kink in het pairings is also not necessarily perpetrated by men. The BtVS women occasionally get to femmedom it up, as well.