March 13th, 2008

fangel wisdom

Attention slashers!

I've got a question for you gals. This evening I was chatting with a friend about het vs. slash, and something that came up in the course of conversation was, assuming (and this is a big assumption) there's a fairly large contingent of people that identify as heterosexual women in the fandom, what is more attractive to you about slash than het? There are many factors to take into account, I'm sure, behind one's preferences since fic really is a form of wish and fantasy fulfillment, but I have noticed that some slash fans are pretty vehmently against het, especially Spuffy. What accounts for this? I'd really love to hear your personal thoughts. And, if you're a writer, is there a difference between reading het vs. writing het?

Something I also am not quite clear on is what's meant by "het for slashers." I've seen this phrase thrown around before, sometimes in reference to my own work, and I want to know what makes a het story "slash-friendly?" Is it the queering of a male character, moving away from heteronormative conceptions of sexuality, introducing anal play into a fic, or none of the above? Clue a girl in, why don't ya  =) 

Also, I probably don't have a ton of slashers on my flist since I don't write it very often, so if you know someone who may be interested or "qualified" to answer these questions, send them my why! 

ETA: It occurred to me that I should slap a disclaimer and a finger wag on here before debate heats up. Lets keep this discussion clean. People have pretty strong opinions about 'ships and genre, so be respectful in your comments. No flaming or invalidating. We can all be mature adults, and that's the sort of discussion I expect. Carry on!