March 8th, 2008


Happy 1-year-in-fandom to me

Today marks the year anniversary of my first post to my journal, which happened to be my first fic The Heart of Her. Lots has happened in this last year. Here's a quick recap. 

-- I've written 9 different pairings and about 11 different kinks, including fisting, shaving, mutual masturbation, menstrual play, rimming, sub/dom, non-con, bondage, torture, spanking, and wheelchair!sex. That doesn't include all the vanilla and oral sex Spike and the rest get to have, too. 
-- I've completed 21 different shots/ficlets, am currently working on a series, participated in 1 failed collaboration that never made it past Ch. 1, and a WIP that I've only posted 2 chapters of. In short, I've learned my lesson. 
-- 4 of my fics were based on community prompts, 2 by request, and 2 as birthday presents
-- I've met 20 people or so from the fandom between private meet-ups and the James Marsters concert last summer. Getting a chance to chat with everyone was beyond cool!
-- I've become the beta of two wonderful and talented writers
-- Got over a few pairings that squick me, and pushed myself to write kinks that I normally would avoid

I wanted to have a fic ready to post to celebrate, but I'm up to my eyeballs in midterms at the moment, and really couldn't spare any extra writing time. However, I really liked the idea I came up with, and will post it when life allows, which will probably be in the next week and a half after I hand in my thesis draft. 

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm since my arrival last March. I've found my time on LJ to have been a pretty enjoyable one, and I hope to get to know more you better in the coming year. 

Something fun that I thought we could do is list one or a few of your favorite fandom moments in '07-'08. It could be a story you read/wrote, a comment you received, something humorous that was said - whatever! Just share 'em!

A favorite fandom moment of mine was this summer when

herself_nyc and I took an excursion in her neighborhood to take dirty pics of her Spike and Angel dolls screwing all over the West Village. For the pics, check out THIS post.

While I can't exactly call this is a favorite fandom moment, it certainly was a memorable one. In July, my mom ran across  one of my fics for the first time. Of course, it had to be one of the dirtiest ones I've written, what with the stake up Spike's arse and all. Read THIS post for my recollection of the embarassing experience.