January 31st, 2008

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Rogue Poet Awards

Rogue Poet Awards announced their winners today and Tea for Two and  Unsung Heroes snagged awards for Best General runner-up and Best Het runner-up. I have warm squishy feelings for both of these stories, and am thrilled that the judges felt the same. They both highlight some rather unusual pairings, and mark the first time I ever wrote Tara and Angel as main characters in a fic. Tea for Two was originally meant to be a scene in a longer story that I scrapped, and good thing! It makes for a very tidy stand-alone as is. 

I also extend my congrats to

eowyn_315shapinglight, botiasherself_nyc, and [info]snowpuppies for their wins. This round had some really phenomenal angst represented, and I cannot highly enough recommend Ebbing of the Tide. It will gut you and stomp on your heart. A beautiful piece of writing that reflects on the importance of memory and loss, it should not be missed. Heroes in Hell is one of the most original and fun Spuffy fics I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Join Buffy on a sojourn through hell to rescue a damned Spike, who believes he deserves every bit of torment that's inflicted on him. Expect edge of your seat suspense, wonderful characterization, entertaining OCs, angst, sex, and humor. 

So, in short, check out the winners, cause there are some real damn good ones.


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