January 30th, 2008

Fangel vs. Spuffy

School, Fic Updates, and Informal Poll

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After my thesis seminar on Monday evening, I headed down to a have a visit with herself_nyc, jdkitchen, and a few other fandom peeps who I didn't know. It was a relaxing evening over coffee peppered with moments of cute doggieness from Traddles, who is the sweetest little girl ever. I'm a full blown cat person, but this dog is so charming you become endeared to her immediately. We all scattered at around 10PM, so jdkitchen and I headed off to a bar a few blocks down to have a drink and catch up. For any of you who read his LJ posts, you know what a funny guy he is. He's thoughtful though too, and the conversation ran the gamut from our personal lives to politics, 9-11, and the awesomeness that is Prince. 

I've got the first full scene of my as yet untitled Faith/Angel shot written, and most of ithe rest plotted to my liking. For those of you wondering how Spike faired after NFA, he will be making an appearance in this installment, but the story remains focused on Faith and his Broodiness. I'm at 5000 words on the Faith/Giles shot, which I have come to realize I generally need to be in the mood to write. It's a sad story with a lot of set-up to get Giles and Faith together in the same place. The A to B to C plottiness of it can be annoying at times, but I persevere. It's been my pet project since November, and will probably remain that way for at least another few weeks.   

louise39 recently mentioned that she enjoys hearing about my writer's process. I'm curious to know if anyone else would be interested in hearing me wax on about how I did this or that in a particular fic. 

Since I never can seem to get these damn LJ polls to work, please respond in comments if:
--- Yes, I'd be interested in hearing you discuss the thought-process behind your fics
--- There is a specific fic (old or new) I'd like to know more about.  (In which case, tell me the name of it and any questions you have.)