January 19th, 2008

Fangel vs. Spuffy

Vacation Report, plus bonus Orgasm Meme

Hi peeps! I'm back from vacay in Vermont. It was really awesome. We managed to avoid the snow on Monday by stopping over in Albany in the afternoon. The condo we were in had a beautiful view of the slopes and the weather was delightful and sunny the whole time. My friend and I took two days worth of lessons, and we picked it up really fast. I loved the feeling of flying down the hills and turns. On the third day we then joined our other three friends on the bunny slope and did a few runs. Ski lifts are fun! However, after so much skiing, I got pretty fatigued and literally could not make it down the slope by the end of the day. My legs were shaking so bad. My friend on snowboard stayed with me while we waited for ski patrol to pick me up. On the upside, I did get to write a snowmobile and it was pretty much the coolest thing ever! Bonus points for every evening spent in the hot tub and sauna. We also had the supreme pleasure of attending a divey small town bar/club called The Pickle Barrel to see Jason Mraz perform. We were literally six feet from him and he has a spectacular voice. Way better than his recorded "The Remedy" stuff. Pics to come shortly!

Just for a bit of fun I yoinked a meme from eowyn_315, which asks that you post all of your orgasm sentences... just the one sentence (or multiple sentences if there are multiple orgasms) from every sex scene where a character comes. I've got lots of those! So, lets see the evolution of the orgasm in my fics!

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