December 7th, 2007

dear lord

In need of medical advice - wrist inflammation

I'm doing it. I'm writing my thesis! *Gasp* And it's going alright so far. I can't say the same for my social activism by women Buddhists paper though. My thesis is due on Monday, and there is no way I can research and write my other 15 pager (in only two days) for Wednesday. I'm going to have to ask for an extra day to hand it in. I really hope she says yes, or the paper is gonna be crap with a capital C.
In other news, something painful has happened to my right hand/wrist. About three days ago, the middle knuckle on my right thumb started to ache. The following day it spread down the rest of my thumb and into my wrist. Yesterday my index finger ached, and the muscles in my forearm were inflamed and strained. There was noticeable swelling.

This would be an incredibly inconvenient time for my hand to poop out since I need to write 55 pages worth of papers in the next week and a half. I went to Duane Reade and picked up Icy Hot, ace bandages, and a wrist guard. The wrist guard seems to be helping some, so I'll continue to wear it for the next couple of days. I'm pretty sure it's not early stage Carpal Tunnel, since I don't seem to have symptoms of numbness, tingling, or itching. But it is something. 

Has anyone experienced anything like this before and can I do anything to alleviate the pain that I'm not already doing?