December 6th, 2007

buffy hurts

Oh, the angst

 For the last two days I have not been able to get One Republic's "Apologize" out of my head. I was watching various videos set to the song on youtube, and came across this amazingly well done Bangel fanvid. The clips are fantastically synched up with the song, and highlight the utter angst of their relationship. Having recently re-watched all of the early seasons of Buffy, I have a renewed appreciation for their relationship. Was it healthy or mature? No. Is Angel her soulmate? I think not. Was it uber angsty and heartbreaking for no apparent reason given that they barely knew each other? Yes! The realization of their feelings for one another happens very abruptly on the show, and seems to be based on nothing, but god did they work the angst. It sucks you in. The feelings of hurt are so palpable you can't help but hang in anticipation waiting for each new barb. And there's really nothing I like better than some gutting heartache. Makes for damn fine television (or fic!) too. Enjoy the video!