December 5th, 2007

Fangel vs. Spuffy

Fic Updates

There's something really satisfying about opening up a fic you wrote months ago, reading it over, and saying "Hm, that really wasn't half as bad as I remembered." Truth be told, I have about 6 one-shots/chapters at 2K chillin' on my hard drive waiting to be completed. I just re-read Ch. 3 of All Wrong, which I wrote in September, and I haven't looked at since. I was really pleased with the Spuffy sex scene, and Dawn and Faith's dialogue. I miss this fic. It was my first attempt at a longer story, and I should really try and have a go at it again since I think the story concept still holds up really well. 

I have 46 pages of final papers I need to write in the next week, six of which I'm completing now for my Classics final tomorrow. My last day is December 18th. And, after that, I really look forward to trying to crank out many of the fics I started and have yet to finish. 

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