October 31st, 2007


Award News

I am sick. There is coughing and mucus involved. It's kinda sucky. So, it was super cool to find out after dragging myself back to my dorm from my trip to The Vitamin Shoppe to get liquid echinacea, eucalyptus oil, and Robitussin, that I won a few awards for A Spectator Sport, Window-Dressing, and Drive it Home at Rogue Poet Awards and Fang Fetish Awards. Thanks to those that nominated me and all the hard work put in by the judges and graphic designers. I very much appreciate it. 

I find these particular wins interesting because they are all for fics generated by prompts. One was a request from only_passenger's fic wishlist, another the "anonymous sex" prompt at feedmykink, and the third a specific request made by dreamsofspike for her birthday. If you take a look at the author's notes on a lot of my fics, I seem to do this a lot. Prompts are an awesome jumping off point to generate ideas, so I'd like to thank both ladies for allowing me to bring their ideas to life. It was a privilege. 

I'll extend a general group congrats to all the winners, since there are mad people on my flist who wracked up awards. High five to only_passenger for Departure. That still remains one of my favorite fics of yours, babe. And a huge hump and snog to eowyn_315 for your win for Shadows of a Brighter Day. I didn't even beta that one! 

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