October 28th, 2007


When Spuffy Fans Attack...

I'm in need of some advice. I was just messaged on Facebook by a girl that is a Spuffy fan. We are both members of a common interest Spuffy group, and I assume that's how she found me since I have nothing on my profile about actually writing Spuffy or fanfiction. She recc'd me Kallysten's work (whom I, and likely many of you, have read), said she is a reader/writer, and gave me her penname so I could check out her work. She's not on LJ (I looked), but is on FF.net. I was a bit dubious and had a feeling she was into fluffier fare than me. Sure enough, I read a few paragraphs into her fic and it was a dreadful AH. The writing was pretty cringe-worthy. 

Now, I have absolutely no obligation to message her back, but it seems like the curteous thing to do. What exactly should I say to her? I don't really want to remark on her work, and given the fact that her profile lists her as a conservative Christian from the Midwest, I have a feeling she won't really be wild for my porntastic stories either. 

What to do?