October 18th, 2007


Notice me, Annie!

Oh. my. gah! I'm going to see Annie Lennox! I fucking love her. If there's one artist I had to choose that moves me to tears, gives me hope, and enchants me it would be her. She is an incredible talent, and I am so damn excited. She just released her new album and is touring in select cities in the States. I'm paying a fortune for the damn tickets, but then, I don't go to concerts very often, so this is a treat for me. 

From an exerpt of an interview she did with a Canadian newspaper, she had this to say about her work:
"My songs are really about the human condition, a feeling of polarity, confusion, beauty, sadness, despair, love, unrequited love. These (are) historical human issues that people have been writing about ... to express themselves, and come to terms with their own inner landscape." 

You know, I think that's what I write about, too.

For an amazing performance of "Why," check out this youtube link. You will be blown away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7UdPVjU41Q

Has anyone noticed that "Why" could be easily applied to the Spuffy relationship? I was reading over the lyrics and this sounds like a song Spike could sing in season 6. Take a look: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/annielennox/why.html

I'm also going to Carnegie Hall this Saturday to see a concert with Ravi Shankar and his daughter Anoushka. Damn, Indian music rocks. The sitar rocks. Ravi rocks. The next few weekends...yup, they rock, too.