October 17th, 2007

Fangel vs. Spuffy

It's philanthropic, I swear!

Hello, all. I've been in a very "support fandom!" sort of mood lately, and I urge ya'll to go over to forbiddenawardsand Feeling Love Awards to nominate some wonderful stories. Many of you on my flist are huge Spuffy fans, and read tons of the new work circulating around this fandom. If you've come across something good, especially if it's a newer author who hasn't gotten a lot of attention yet, put a nom up for them. It will make them feel good, raise a bit of awareness about their work, and you'll have done your little part. Feeling Love Awards especially needs noms in Best PWP, Fluffy, Characterization, WIP, Bad Guy, and New Author, so put on those thinking caps and head on over! 

It looks like a lot of the slashers are beating out those that read het in the kink categories at forbiddenawards. I know you've read some uber naughty fic. Hell, I practically search it out half the time. So whether you read Spuffy or otherwise, nominate your kinky favorite short stories! Canon-pairings, rare pairings, threesomes/moresomes - go wild!

End of pimp  =)