September 2nd, 2007


Cat's early crack!porn

Hey peeps. I was talking to jdkitchen last night and he made a passing comment about me writing a sex scene in a mundane place, like Wal-Mart. Believe it or not, I actually wrote a scene like that long ago while I attended a writing program at Bates College in Maine the summer between my junior and senior year in high school. This crack!fic was the mastermind of myself and a guy I hung around with at the program named Adam. We sat around one evening in the basement throwing out the most ridiculous names, scenerios, and words to describe sex. As the evening wore on, other students trickled in and joined us until nearly all 20 of us were piled on the couches trying to co-write a short porn story to pass the time. "Harvesting the Honeydews" was the product of our efforts. It is also rather hysterical as a precurssor to my fanfiction because you will very easily guess who came up with the male character and who he was based off of. I can't say I actually remember which parts I was responsible for or what I wrote, but I'm sure you can tell some of my handywork or choice sentences based on the style. It's all utterly ridiculous, and also appears we could not choose which tense to use!
After we scribbled it down, Adam and I typed it up, and distributed it to all the other students, as well as our professors who were more than a little amused by the whole thing. We then adapted it into a short play, cast it, and so that as many people could participate, had both actors and people doing voice overs. I did the voice-over for Hadrian (just think - me with the accent!). We had a girl on piano, and did this whole dress rehearsal and everything. It was fantastic and fun, and sort of legendery. Yes, I was leading my porny flock even then, lol. 

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