August 4th, 2007

Fangel vs. Spuffy


Hiya flisters! Just taking a break from vacation to say that "Beneath Us" has snagged two awards at The Forbidden Awards for Best Spuffy Short (winner) and Best Fic Never to Have Won an Award (winner). I am beyond thrilled that this little fic caught the judges attention since it remains one of my favorites. Mega congrats to my darling only_passenger's win for her Dawn/Angel ficcie, Departure. It's amazing, seriously. Go read it. And many congrats to my girl dreamsofspike and my boy jdkitchen, as well as athenewolfe, sevendeadlyfun, tamakin, ash_carpenter, shapinglight, spikeslovebite, raemcn, and hollydb. Crap, is that, like, my whole flist? 

Links are provided at the award site, so dive in for some good reading!

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