July 18th, 2007


Explosion in NYC

*sigh* Good times when shit hits the fan in NYC. At around 6:15 PM a steam pipe exploded on 41st and Lexington Ave. I actually work right there on 47th and 3rd, but thankfully I left at around 5:30 and didn't decide to stick around until 6:30. Of course, the media is going bonkers, the 4,5,6 trains were shut down, and it's "chaos." Apparently, the explosion created a huge crater, which has steam billowing out of it and muddy water shooting up like a geiser. Reporters said that people started running in a mob to get away not knowing what it was, and people in office buildings fled. For some odd reason, NBC keeps saying "this does not seem to be sinister." Who the hell is writing their lines? Sometimes I think the media, instead of giving us the facts we need, just makes it worse by whipping everyone up. Homeland Security is saying it's not terrorist related, but who knows.