July 13th, 2007


Fic hilarity, embarassment, and updates

Greetings, flisters!
The other day Immortal Beloved posted a link to this utterly hilarious season 6 parody fic that she found on All About Spike. Seriously, it's hysterical. Go read and be amused. I was. 

On the fic front - I've got a challenge response to respond to for feedmykinkby July 29th, so that will be the next one-shot I'll be working on. It's a new pairing for me, William/Dru, which I'm kinda excited about. I do love Dru and I know it's going to be tough pegging down her dialogue, but I can't wait. After that's completed, I will be returning to All Wrong, which decided to grow a more complex plot while I wasn't looking. 

So, I had a rather embarassing/amusing encounter regarding my latest story yesterday. 

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