July 2nd, 2007

Fangel vs. Spuffy

JM Concert hits Farmingdale

I'm a few days late, but I thought I'd give an account of my excursion to Long Island as well as share piccies of all the amazing fandom people I met. First off let me just say that the experience was incredible and I was blown away by how many of the fandom showed up. By my count, there were 16 of us, including myself. Yep, the Spuffy shippers were definately representing on Saturday. Myself and jdkitchen(aka Lostboy) live in New York, so we hopped the LIRR out to Farmingdale to meet up with sevvy_o, (we went to college together and met in English class!), who kindly picked us up and gave us, as well as nyghtpet and denied_heaven a ride. We all converged at Applebee's, where we were joined by slaymesoftlyand seductivembrace who were at Fangoria the day before and had driven up all the way from Virginia. We ate some sub-par food, squeed a bit, and got to know each other before heading off 5 minutes down the road to The Crazy Donkey. The line was all the way out the door and snaked around the parking lot, but it turns out the show was definately not sold out and there was quite a lot of space to move about in the bar. We were soon joined by beanbeans, AmyB, uisge_beatha, prophecygirrl, and copykween.  

I have to say, I was coaxed into going to this concert since I wasn't too interested in seeing JM, nor do I listen to his music. The draw was definately having the opportunity to meet my fellow writers. But at the end of the day, I gotta say that JM looked freakin' hot! Totally shattered my non-existant expectations. His singing was also quite a bit better than I would have thought. The tunes were catchy and he has a nice voice. Though I must admit the second performance that evening was not quite as good as the first. At one point while he was singing he sucked in his cheeks and did the Spike tongue-curl thing while he sang the lyrics "you make me want to be BAD." Seriously, mini-O right there. Oh God...

*Ahem* Anyway, after he was through and we were heading out to dinner, we ran into Niamh, addie_logan, and imbloodyenglish. I think Lostboy just about had a heart-attack he was so star struck. We all headed back out to Applebee's, with lostboy thrown into SpikeKat's trunk and had some dinner. LB also almost got kicked out. See his journal for more details. When we arrived back at the club for the evening show, my darling beta Eowyn315 finally arrived with two of her peeps from Philly after an 8 hour drive!! There were some serious delays, but we were all glad to see her in one piece and I know she was glad to see James' pieces, raowr!

More watching and talking ensued, and after the show sevvy_odrove LB and myself, plus three other random girls back to the train. This time, LB was stretched across our laps in the back seats due to space limitations. It also turns out that one of the girls we went back with was a self-proclaimed dominatrix - awesome, I live for stuff like that.

Concert piccies!

There are more pictures, but photobucket is being a testy bitch and these are all the important ones anyway...Enjoy!