April 14th, 2007

Fangel vs. Spuffy

Fics on the Horizon & 'Tis the Season for Finals

All right, dudes. I don't think I'll be posting any new fics in the next few weeks because finals have started for me and I need to devote some attention to my two 15-20 page research papers, plus the oral presentations that will go along with them. However, I wanted to update you all for what's on the horizon. Although school has to come first, I have feverishly been writing scenes for my various upcoming fics while commuting here and there on the subway. Getting even half an hour in can be great. 

Here's what to expect in the order I think I might be posting (which is subject to change, of course):

* The prologue to a re-write of Gone. I want to make this into a longer WIP, but I only have the one scene worked out. Alert: very kinky with some interesting uses for kitchen utensils.  
* A rather dark self-indulgence fic set post-NFA. It will be a one-shot as well, but will set up a 'verse that I might be tempted to go back to at some point. Alert: baby!fic. I know, I'm sorry. I'm going there.  *ducks rotten tomatoes*  But you might be surprised by what I've done. 
*The continuation of Show Me How, in which Spike gets to shine and work out some of his issues. Obviously, the kink will continue. I've deemed this the "Healing 'verse" and will likely make it into a series of one shots or short multi-part fics that see Buffy and Spike through the healing process of her resurrection and coming to terms with her identity. 
* My first WIP, which I will be writing over the summer. The story will follow Spike and Nikki from his arrival in New York to her death. I am SO excited about this one because it's the first story I ever thought to write. I want to write evil!Spike in the worst way, in addition to constructing NIkki's life (which is a rather tragic one indeed), some OCs, and some bangin' fight scenes. I'll be doing some field visits for this one for reference and will take pics so ya'll can see where the story unfolds. My only fear is writing a WIP (kinda daunting) and because of that, I will likely write the whole thing first (which will take a few months, I'm guessing) and then post it in chapters. I also quake at writing Dru. I want to, but she's a tough nut to crack and will have to watch some old eps with her to get a sense of her voice. 

That's all for now. I also wanted to share that lostboy over at BSV came up with a new category for the type of fics I write - KWS, Kink wth Soul. I think I kinda love that. Lostboy is also a brilliant writer and you should all check out his current WIP at BSV "Clocks of the Long Now." It is one of the most original fics I ever read, angsty, ensemble cast, distopian post-NFA action/adventure. Just brilliant. And of course, Spuffy  =)