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12 October 2007 @ 01:51 am
Re-watching early Buffy eps...joy  
OMG. I just watched 5 consecutive hours worth of Buffy with one of my suitemates. So. Much. Fun. I grew up with Buffy, but I never had any friends that watched with me. That job fell to my mom. So getting the chance to re-live those early moments has been so wonderful. We worked our way through some choice eps from season one, and this evening we watched Prophecy Girl, When She Was Bad, School Hard, and Halloween. I forgot how funny the writing was early on. We found ourselves laughing on more than one occasion, especially from Xander's witty lines. Not to mention the hotness that was him and Angel (and dare I say it - even Giles!) before they put on the pounds. Willow was so cute and unassuming. Plus, Oz! I loved Oz. I really, really did.  

And Spike...oh Spike. From the moment he swaggered onto the first frame I was in love all over again. To celebrate his appearance on screen we went to the kitchen and had wine and vodka crans. Then, joined by two additional friends, we piled on my bed to watch the beginning of a legend. We were head-banging along to the theme song, and gasping at the hideous outfits the costume people put the main characters in. And when Spike sauntered on screen during Halloween with all the demony mayhem going on, my suite mate murmured under breath, "Ungh...hello." YES! Yes, exactly. Sex on legs. 

After four eps of Buffy, we then switched to the latest ep of Heroes to air this past Monday night. Though he's no Spike, Peter sure is looking mighty fine with the short hair, muscles, and case of acute shirtlessness he's undergoing. Meow!
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Shapinglight: big bad wolfshapinglight on October 12th, 2007 08:42 am (UTC)
Glad you still enjoyed BtVS so much after all this time. I suppose the awful clothes Buffy and co wore in High School is the thing that will date the show most?

When BtVS first started on TV over here, I watched it with my children (so the other way round from you) and it was a great mother/daughter thing for us.

And Spike's entrance is still perfect after all this time, isn't it?

Also, of course you can say Giles was hot. He definitely is.
ClawofCat: vamp spikeclawofcat on October 15th, 2007 05:56 pm (UTC)
The awful clothes definately date the show, as well as some of their slang. The Scoobies have a very unique way of talking, and while that transcends the late-90's time period, words like jonesin do not. I will freely admit though that I did wear leggings, and to see them made me smile. Buffy came out when I was 10 and in my last year of elementary school. I distinctly remember declaring to my mom that I would be getting rid of all my leggings, and switching to jeans-only once middle school rolled around.

Spike's entrance is a thing of beauty. He and Dru are just haunting. My suitemate said to me after watching "Lie to Me" - "You know, I should hate Spike after he killed Ford, but it only makes me like him more because he kept his promise to turn him." Watching those early Spike moments make it clearer in my mind how the writers paved the way for his evolution as a character.

As a tween, Giles was not on my radar at all as hot material. I was likely busy mooning over Angel. When he first showed up in the library I definately had a "damn, look at him" moment. He and Jenny were so cute too. It's a shame they never wrote in another love interest for him aside from the little-seen Olivia.
Shapinglight: Giles with tieshapinglight on October 16th, 2007 12:29 pm (UTC)
The Scoobies have a very unique way of talking, and while that transcends the late-90's time period, words like jonesin do not.

Really? That's very interesting. I can't remember at what point I lost touch with the latest slang but I can imagine Buffy would be horrified when she realised it'd happened to her.

As for Giles, I can't imagine why they never gave him another love interest, unless it was simply because he was regarded as too 'old 'for the show's demographic and it was thought they wouldn't be interested.

I do remember Marti Noxon being asked, after the Giles/Anya stuff in Tabula Rasa whether they'd ever consider making the two characters a couple and her response was "Eww!" by which I thought she meant, "Eww, he's way too old for her!"

Silly woman! Not to mention, Anya was really a 1000 year old demon.
Swayxheartrockx on October 12th, 2007 09:30 am (UTC)
Don't you just love squeeing all over it again? It's like seeing long lost friends again. I think I need to do that again some time soon ;) Also.. with the wine.... ;) Glad you had fun *lol*
ClawofCat: scoobiesclawofcat on October 15th, 2007 05:59 pm (UTC)
Hee, thanks. Some of these episodes I haven't seen in years. I usually remember the premise, but the specifics are all gone. It's also great to watch with someone that is not really a fan of Buffy. I get excited when she gets excited because it's all so new to her. Mot eps freshest in my mind are s6 and s7 because that's the period of time I set most of my fics in. Maybe I'll get a little bunny for these earlier seasons now that I'm betting reacquainted.
Swayxheartrockx on October 15th, 2007 06:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah. It was like when endlessdeep started watching the show a few months back and posted her opinions in her LJ. So much fun to read from someone who's watching it for the first time. Especially when they notice something you haven't noticed before.

I really need to watch some BtVS again.....