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Beneath Us




Review for Best Spuffy Short from Forbidden Awards: 
This is an incredibly touching fic which captures with superb poignancy both the pain and the depth of the relationship between Slayer and Vampire. The complexity of their relationship and the anguish they share is encapsulated in this piece in a way I have never seen before, told with such a captivating and truthful voice. The way it was meant to be. Without a doubt.

Review for Best Fic Never to Have Won an Award from Forbidden Awards:
This beautifully written one shot looks at what might have happened after the final cut in Beneath You. Clawofcat captures perfectly Spike's utter despair, utter self loathing in a way that leaves you aching to offer him comfort. In addition, her description of Buffy's reaction to this total breakdown is nothing short of breathtaking. It's what I'd like to think actually happened. Brilliant work. 






Review for Best One Night Stand fic from Forbidden Awards: The one nighter between Spike and Faith is everything you could imagine it to be. Very well characterized, very hot, and with two alternate endings, you can be sure to be very satisfied with this one!

Acts of Contrition




Review for Judges Choice at Round 3 of Indigo Crypt:

This story is so lovely, it makes me ache. Exactly what should have happened when Buffy rescued Spike from the First... Beautiful beyond words.

Off Route 17

Judges Comments: Wonderfully hot, well written and beautifully in character, this fic was amazing. I loved the characterization and I loved the slow build up to the actual sex scene.

Severed and Sewn


Wool Over My Eyes
Judges Comments: A great, hot, steamy and sweet one-shot fic. While it pulls on your heart strings it gets you all hot and bothered with some excellent coat room party sex. The writing is fabulous, it flows effortlessly and is simply beautiful to read.

A Spectator Sport



Review from Forbidden Awards: A fic where Spike and Buffy had been there, done it all and are living their happy ever after. And guess what, they have one hell of a sex life. Scorching hot, happy, feel-good Spuffy fic.

Review from Indigo Crypt Awards: 
clawofcat has written a classic feel-good piece of Spuffy. And it feels good in every way! Spike puts on a show for Buffy like no other and without the distraction of misunderstandings, pesky apocalypses and the Scoobies, you're free to enjoy the hotness. And boy, it's hot! clawofcathas earnt her Spuffy stripes in pure style and she continues to knock them out of the park - this fic being the top of my list. Absolutely marvellous. 

Unsung Heroes


By A Thread


Tea for Two



Review for Best Gen Fic from Forbidden Awards: A lovely exchange of comfort between Spike and Tara, as they share a quiet moment alone while caring for Dawn. Very well done!

Drive it Home


Review for Best Slave fic from Forbidden Awards: Wow, what a dark little fic full of angst and passion and the consequences of being pushed too far. The sex is flaming and there’s even a bit of plot of thrown it. An enjoyable read. 

Call it Closure


Why Won't You Go


Show Me How


Little Lost Lamb                                         In the Details


Review for Judges Choice at Forbidden Awards: For the quote alone - “Give me a cock report. On a scale of 1 to explode, how close are you?” – this is one hot little ficlet!!! Spawn is a pair I’m not too familiar with but after reading this, I think I’d be tempted to read some more of it. Not only that, it’s super-hot-sexy!! A must read.

Not Yours

Honorable Mention for the FmK "Hot or Sweet" PwP challenge

Review from Forbidden Awards: A wonderfully dark and twisted look at the Aurelius family early on.

Learning Curve


Burn Marks


The Hard Choices
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