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Go nominate at Forbidden Awards!

Hiya flisters! Just wanted to do a quick pimp and urge you all to go out and nominate your favorite writers and artists for the forbiddenawardscurrent round, which features KINK. While all of us enjoy a well-crafted story, lets be honest - we love us some porny bits too. You know you've got your favorites, the ones that just make you go all weak in the knees and sketchily dart your eyes about when someone passes by the computer screen. There are quite a few categories to choose from, and both het and slash are accepted. Just think - not only will you be making an author's day, but you'll also be contributing to my reading list, and we all know how much I likes the kink. 

In other news, I am ass-deep in writing my thesis proposal, which is due tomorrow afternoon. Ha, um, we'll see. I'm not feeling so great about it. Also reading about Post Traumatic Growth, while interesting, is equally depressing. 

I randomly wrote about 1300 words of a new Spike/Dawn fic. It totally came out of nowhere. I have about 13 fic ideas on my queue that are in various stages of being written or just jumping around in my brain, and guess what? This wasn't one of them! I can certainly give credit to athenewolfefor the inspiration though. Although the fic-to-be doesn't exactly meet your request guidelines (or, at all really since it's not too dark), the prompt did get me thinking about the pair of them. 

I've also been thinking about the Spike/Gwen, Spike/Dru, and Spike/Fred fics. Consequently that means I have not been thinking about my seasonal_spuffy entry, which remains at a pitiful 800 words. Oopsie, and my posting date is October 23rd. Yup, that will be interesting too.  
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