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Taking ficlet requests

This week was rather eventful. I managed to crank out my first fic in a month in only two days. That's something special since I write rather slowly, and I've been so busy with school. I feel very proud of myself. Because only_passenger's prompt was so awesome and got my muse going, I'm willing to take on two or three drabble/ficlet requests from my flist. It can't be anything too plotty, so name your het pairing, a scenerio, a kink, etc. that you would like to see me take on. I'll see how many I receive and choose whichever ones strike my fancy the most. I'd also like to say thanks to whomever nominated Window-Dressing at the Shades of Grey Awards. You rock.

On Thursday, I went down to St. Paul's again for my fieldwork to interview the priest there. What an incredible guy. Such hardship, such pain. I'm really excited about my 9-11 project, but it's so emotionally draining. You just want to cry for all the terrible things that happened to these people, and then smile because they survived it. The human spirit really just astounds me. I stand in awe every single time. Many members at his parish contracted various forms of cancer as a result of the toxins in the air at Ground Zero. His secretary, who could not have been more than 35, if that, had a double masechtomy. He contracted the worst form of prostate cancer. Un-fucking real. 

Later that evening I also saw Jersey Boys with my folks, which was a lot of fun. Frankie Valli has the voice of an alien, but I deem the falsetto cool. It was fun singing along. "Sherry," "Walk Like A Man," and "Big Girls Don't Cry" are still wonderful songs. 

I just read ash_carpenter's new het fic Rare Delights, which features a evil!Spike and WishVerse!Willow. Hee, it was a lot of fun. I aways like her prompt fics. Anywho, she mentioned that writing het makes her sort of squicky, to which someone commented that maybe it was because whatever you write seems to be reflective of your own sex life. I thought this was an interesting observation. I can't get on board slash as easily as het for that very reason - it's outside of my realm of physical experience (completely disregarding any other feelings I might have about the characters paired together). So much of my writing relies on the emotional connection found in sexuality that I feel I would lose a lot of that if I were to write slash. I also freely admit that I do draw from personal experience in my stories. 

I suppose my question to you is this: Do you feel the same about slash vs. het? Does it have something to do with the relatability of the content, or none at all? For the writers on my flist, do you draw from your own life to add more detail and color to your sex scenes? I'm a bit curious about this issue.
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