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27 September 2007 @ 01:24 am
A Spectator Sport (1/1)  
Title: A Spectator Sport
Timing: Post-NFA
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Warnings: Graphic sexuality and course language
Summary: Set during my WIP “All Wrong,” Buffy and Spike share a moment together after a grocery run. Talking dirty and self-pleasuring has never been so much fun.
A/N: Thanks to eowyn_315for her beta work. This story was written for only_passenger in response to her query in an LJ post where she asked:
“where is the buffy/spike porn where older, post-series buffy watches her post-series lover spike beat off, but it's a regular, casual thing, because they live and shower and grocery shop together, and she laughs (not giggles) when he starts and it's the middle of the day and no one is fighting or crying, and she looks on in close range and they flirt and talk about it while it's happening, interspersed with other bits of commonplace conversation, and they both smile the whole time and she's delighted and deeply turned on when he comes.”

Disclaimer: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No profit is gained from my writerly endeavors and no copyright infringement is intended.
“I can carry all of them, you know,” Buffy said, as Spike ascended the stairs in front of her with six grocery bags in hand. He listed slightly to one side, the O.J. and milk weighing him down.
“Course you can, luv. Could bloody bench press me if you liked, but where’s the chivalry in lettin’ you do all the heavy liftin’?”
Buffy watched Spike teeter as he reached the top step, but he quickly regained his footing on the landing. He was just so stubborn sometimes. He had become even more so recently, especially when he was free of his demon, and all that walked in his shoes was a man. It was never easy for him, and she tended to indulge him in most things when he was in this state. Truth be told, though, she certainly didn’t mind the Big Bad playing grocery man, either. Her head tilted to the side as he flexed a bicep and rested himself in front of their apartment door, his eyes fixed on her as she trudged up behind him.
“’Sides, Mama deserves a break every now and then, yeah?”
She smiled at the new pet name, at the tempered, soft way he drew in her body with his eyes. Placing the bagged items down against the wall, Spike pulled Buffy into his embrace. She looked on, her long-standing inability to make eye contact left behind in the refuse pile of her past insecurities. She wasn’t afraid to look anymore, and wasn’t afraid of what she saw in those deep baby blues.
One hand came up to frame her face, his fingertips skimming along the slightly rounded bloom of her cheek. She raised her arm in kind to rest on his shoulder where she plucked at the collar of his jacket.
“You sure know how to get to a girl,” she murmured, and brought her lips up to his. The kiss was soft, quiet, patient. That was something she had learned, too. When your life wasn’t perpetually on the line, all of a sudden an entire world of quiet, stolen moments opened up to you. They were the in-betweens of everyday living: the first groggy roll in bed after waking, standing at the vanity in the bathroom as you spit toothpaste into the sink, rearranging the cushions on the sofa after a day out, or locking up the house when the day was done. Spike always seemed to slide into those lost, fleeting moments and settle himself there, comfortable, at last, with the peace and quiet that domesticity could bring.
“Would hate to think I’ve lost my touch,” he whispered to her, his mouth dancing along her neck, her ear, her brow. One hand trailed down into the soft fluff of her jacket, and pressed upward onto her breast, weighing the heaviness of it in his palm. Her back arched slightly, and she tightened her grip on the carton of eggs tucked under her right armpit. Dawn would flip if she couldn’t wake to her usual morning omelet. His fingers skimmed the waistband of her jeans, and crept under her top to feel the warmth of her skin and the swell caused by the babe in her belly. As she got larger, his fascination with her body only increased, and it humbled her knowing how lucky she was to have her preternatural lover.
He rubbed light circles into her abdomen while teasing her breasts with flicks and pulls. It reminded her of that childhood game where you try to rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time.  
Between soft, sucking kisses Buffy managed to breathe out, “We should get the meat in the freezer. Things put away. Remember…remember what happened last time?”
Spike pulled back and rested his forehead on hers. A rumble started in his throat. “Hm, yeah. Just about ruined a weeks worth of groceries. Wouldn’t do to tread all over the Bit’s nosh while trying to get my hands down your knickers.”  
Buffy laughed lightly and pushed him away. “There’s time enough for that. Let’s do the grown-up thing first.”
As they hauled the groceries in, Buffy was aware of Spike’s hot gaze on her as he slipped furtive glances her way. He was up to something; she just knew it. When she turned back to look at him, he had his head buried in the fridge, rearranging the shelves to make space for everything. Okay, so maybe his up to something was on hold for the moment.
While he tended to the perishables, she busied herself with gathering up the cleaning supplies and detergent to deposit them in the pantry. Taking care of a household had been something she always used to take for granted, or completely ignored, depending on where she was post-resurrection. But they were doing it now, and it made her proud. Normal still held a place in her heart, a pristine, idealized country where she aspired to vacation, and she had achieved that with Spike. Because of him, her life had taken this quieter turn, grocery shopping an exercise in restraint when they entered the produce isle, clothes shopping one huge dress-up session. Walking back into the kitchen, she thought, Things are definitely of the good.
“I’m going to hop in the shower for a bit. Feeling a little ick right now,” she said, as she finished arranging pears and apples in a basket on the kitchen counter. “I think my hair has officially turned the corner into grease-ball territory.”
Spike looked at her over his shoulder, a few cups of yogurt held against his chest. “Have your wash, then. I’ll finish up in here while the missus beautifies herself.”
Shooting him a saucy grin, Buffy made her way into the bedroom, her feet soundlessly padding across the carpeted interior. As soon as the bathroom door closed, he was up, a mischievous smirk spreading across his face.  
“Not exactly rocking Ms. Chiquita Banana here, am I?” Buffy said to her reflection, eyeballing the towel that she had piled on top of her head once she had stepped out of the shower. She unwound it and flipped her head forward to towel dry her darkened locks instead. Her meeting with Giles wasn’t until later in the evening, which gave her plenty of time to dally over hair, makeup, and clothes if she was so inclined.
Combing through the tangled strands with her fingers, she opened the door to her bedroom and stopped abruptly when she took in the scene before her. She had seen and done any number of debauched things with Spike, been in positions that, had she been able to see herself, would have made her blush and stammer, but this just about took the cake. A peal of laughter slipped from her lips, her eyes dancing with delight.
“Very nice,” she murmured with approval, leaning against the frame of the door.  
Spike had pulled to one side of their bed a high-backed chair from the dining room, and placed it so it faced the bathroom door. As for Spike himself, well, he was quite prominently displayed as well.
“Been waitin’ for you, Slayer,” he rumbled, grasping his naked cock in his hand and giving it a languorous pull. He had purposefully mussed his hair to give himself post-shag bedhead. The best kind, she thought as he looked up through his lashes with artificially sleepy eyes.
“Really?” Buffy’s eyes traveled over him appraisingly. “Gotta say, I don’t remember leaving you quite like this.”
“Hm, should know better than to leave me to my own devices, pet. I get up to all sorts of trouble.”
Spike trailed his hand down his chest enticingly as he sat slouched in the chair and flicked his own nipple. He watched her reactions closely.
“Yeah, gotta put that thing on a leash,” she murmured absently, nodding at his proud cock, a grin tickling her lips. She watched his hand slowly descend down his shaft to pull the foreskin taut, and then back up again. He licked his lips and arched his back imploringly, a wanton sigh of pleasure drifting from his parted lips. If she had been pressed for an answer, in her professional opinion, slow-mo wankathons were the best form of thrall. It got her salivating and ready to pounce in no time.
“In fact,” she added, “maybe we should.”
Buffy padded over to her bureau and shuffled through a drawer until she held up a cock ring. She raised her brow in question and turned to him.
His head was tipped back slightly, and he sighed while clenching his thighs, which were spread wide and hooked over the arms of the chair. His balls hung heavy between his legs, and his asshole flexed and puckered as he strained upward into his own grip.
Spike clucked his tongue and chuckled. “Think I’m in need of an audience, actually. I just love being scored on my performance.”
She pouted. “Darn, and I don’t have any score cards to flash.”
“Got other things you can flash, though. All sorts of tasty goodies. Blokes got to have some positive reinforcement.”
She murmured in agreement and went into the bathroom to retrieve a stool. When she returned, her robe was open and hung loosely on either side of her. Settling herself down, she watched Spike’s seductive performance with a wistful smile. They had their bad days; really, really bad days when everything just seemed to be falling to pieces around them and between them, but then there were pockets of time like this. Time stood still for them during these suspended intimate encounters. She could just be Buffy, and he could just be Spike; and they could remember what it was to smile again, to take joy in the carefree play of sexuality that both of them never had a chance to experience on their own terms.
With each jerk of his cock, Buffy banished the bad memories of shame and worthlessness that she felt under the scrutiny of other men, under the weight of her desire. Spike offered himself up freely as an object for her consumption; he always had, but she knew to appreciate it now, knew what it did for her.
“Penny for your thoughts?” Spike whispered, his eyes hooded, as he watched her watching him. His breaths hitched along to the languid rhythm he had established, his hips arching ever so slightly toward his fist, toward her.
“Just thinking about the past. How far everyone’s come, how time has just…inched and flown at once. How I never had this when it would have counted.” She looked earnestly at him, her eyes downcast and sincere. “How I wish you could have been my first and saved me all the shit that had to happen to get to this point.”
Spike picked his head up, his nostrils flaring. “I would have taken you there, Buffy. Even a sweet, virginal little princess such as yourself. Would have made you scream.”
“You make me scream now,” she countered with a smile, slowly parting her legs beneath her robe so that a dark patch of pubic hair became visible to Spike’s gaze.
He licked his lips and squeezed himself harder, his eyes boring into hers. “And I’m bound to do it again soon enough.”
“Not until you finish,” Buffy murmured. “I want to see…” Even now, Buffy fumbled over the words, never really having mastered the dirty talk that Spike seemed to excel at. She forged onward, though. “See you shoot your load all over the place. Get it on your hands, your…so I can come over there and lick it up.”
“No shrinking violet anymore, are you?” he groaned. He jerked the base of his cock rapidly, alternating the rhythm erratically so that Buffy could see his varying reactions. “I like a woman who knows what she wants. If I’d deflowered you, how would you have wanted it?” he demanded. “Slow, hard, fast…?” He thrust his hips out, and began to rock with them, causing his balls to sway. The chair creaked under Spike’s ministrations, seemingly straining along with him to find release.
“Do it like you would if you were fucking me right now,” Buffy said, her breath shallow, panting. Spike set a slower pace, his hand still gloving his erection, but now using his hips to set the pace instead of his hand. The strokes were short but deep - a rhythm she knew well.
“Eight point five for effort,” she husked, and spread her legs wide, so that he could see her glistening cunt.
“Jesus, fuck,” he moaned. “Going to take the minx on a tour round the apartment ’fore the night is done.”
“Every flat surface shall know thy wrath,” she laughed, dipping her index finger into her sex to rub at the slippery, clear lubricant. “We only broke the coffee table once. That’s an improvement over the old days, right?”
Spike grunted in agreement, and reached down to roll his balls in his other hand, tugging at the flushed skin. Perspiration formed above his upper lip, at the juncture of his thighs, along his lower back. Buffy watched the tug-o-war he started with his sac, and tweaked her clit absently.
“What would you do if I got up and fucked you in the ass right now?” Buffy blurted, her eyes wavering between Spike’s straining sphincter and the heavy rise and fall of his chest. Her fingertips traced the edges of her sex rapidly, sending small courses of pleasure to her center.
Spike’s eyes went wide, and a guttural groan broke out as he pumped rapidly, his cock turning a dark shade of pink. At a momentary loss for words, he tried to piece together a coherent response over the thudding din of his pulse in his throat, his cock, but Buffy interrupted him.
“That’s what you want, isn’t it? Spreading your ass like that, putting yourself on display. Do it. I want to see how you want to be fucked.”
Buffy rose from where she sat to stand in front of him. Spreading the lips of her pussy wide, she pumped her fingers in and out until they were thoroughly coated in her slick. She wafted her hand below Spike’s nose, and he growled deep, murmuring words of praise and pleasure as he was inundated with her scent.
“I know you wanted this to be a spectator sport, but…” she said, her lips covering his as her fingers spread her arousal around his asshole in tight circles, pressing gently into his sphincter. Spike cried out hoarsely, his ass rising off the seat of the chair convulsively, but she kept her mouth clamped over his and drank in his moans.
“Your turn,” she said teasingly against his lips, and removed her fingers so that his could take her place.
He growled at her as she backed away to return to her vigil on the stool. “You dirty little bitch,” Spike gasped, teetering on the brink of his control. “What a mouth. Gonna put it to good use once I lock and reload. Wouldn’t have fancied you for a miner under the goody-two-shoes act, but I knew,” he panted. “Knew the second you jumped my bones in that house. There was nothing you wouldn’t do,” he cried as his index finger slipped past the tight ring of muscle and into his rectum.
He continued to draw circles with his finger internally, widening and stretching his hole to receive more. His other hand ceased to jerk his cock, and instead held it in a vise grip to stave off his orgasm.
“Your bum getting twitchy over watchin’ the main attraction?” he groaned, thrusting two fingers evenly in and out of himself. “Don’t worry. You’ll get yours. Gonna have that arse in the air and you begging me to slip you some tongue in no time. Know how it gets you going, the feelin’ of it sliding along all those forbidden places. Yeah…oh fuck!” he cried, his fist unevenly jerking in time with the fingers planted in his ass.
Buffy’s eyes were dilated wide, little torturous moans escaping her own lips as she listened to Spike describe her own sexual appetites while he fucked himself. Squeezing her breast in one hand, she rocked her hips along the seat of the stool, her clit rubbing against the terry of her bathrobe.
Spike’s erotic litany stopped, so that all that passed his lips were ragged whimpers and whines as his thighs trembled, and his lips twitched when he began to spend in a frantic rush.
“Ugh! Fuck! Buffy…uhn,” His head rolled as he cried out, eyes shut tight, trembling with release. His cock spurted semen across his hands, his stomach, his chest, mingling with the tangy sweat of his exertions. Watching him climax always took her by surprise at his utter abandon in the act. Where other men grunted, sighed, or made very little noise at all, Spike reveled in the sensation and gave himself over to it completely – just like her.
As the last of his spurts subsided and his cock emptied, he released his softening prick and lay still to catch his breath. He opened his eyes when Buffy’s fingers found his lips.
“I give it a ten,” she whispered, crawling on his lap as he unhooked his legs from the arms of the chair to stretch them out in front of him. Her groin slid along his slick belly, and she rubbed her slit across the pools of come that clung to him.
“It’s like Water Country USA over here,” she teased, dipping a finger into his ejaculate and placing the tip of her finger on his nose.
“Gonna be like bloody Vesuvius erupting when I’m through with you” he swore, his slick hands sliding along her belly to cradle the bulge there.
She laced her fingers over his and peered down at her stomach. “Baby can never claim that Daddy never gave Mommy lots of lovin’.”
Spike’s eyes sparkled. “Not before a rinse, though. Made a bit of a mess, it seems. Think I might be able to get some assistance?” he asked, twining Buffy’s damp hair in his fingers.
“But I just showered,” she pouted, looking down at the mess between them. “No fair.”
Spike smiled with mirth and whisked her up into his arms. Setting her down onto the chair, he knelt in front of her, his hands resting along her thighs. “Think I can do a thing or two ‘bout that. No need to be cross,” he assured her, dipping his tongue forward to skim across her belly. She wriggled as he lapped at his spendings and snuffled against her. One sneaky hand made its way between her legs and slid into her smoothly, fingers tipping upward to rapidly massage her sweet spot. Buffy’s breath hitched on a surprised gasp. Overcome by an involuntary spasm, she groaned and snaked her hand roughly into his hair.
“Shower. Now.”
Giles would have to wait.  
ldyavalonldyavalon on September 27th, 2007 07:56 am (UTC)
Darn, that was hot...I'll be coming back to read this again, many times ;)
ClawofCat: magicclawofcat on September 27th, 2007 02:18 pm (UTC)
Then I guess your icon just about sums it up, eh? Thanks for reading, hun. I was on a dry spell there for the last month with school up and running again. Good thing Pass came along and threw this prompt my way to get my ass in gear.
kcarolj65: SpuffyKisskcarolj65 on September 27th, 2007 10:07 am (UTC)
Oh. Oh wow.

I need a long walk, a cold shower, and about a carton of cigarettes now.

There's hot, and then there's hawt. And somewhere about ten miles beyond that, is this story.

I say again, Wow.
ClawofCat: gone_fingeringclawofcat on September 27th, 2007 02:21 pm (UTC)
I need a long walk, a cold shower, and about a carton of cigarettes now.
Are you sure you need all that? Sounds like a shag will set you straight.

Your review made me laugh. Thanks for that. Later today I'm going to be doing fieldwork down at Ground Zero, so I'll have to think happy thoughts.
Swayxheartrockx on September 27th, 2007 07:37 pm (UTC)
*clears throat*
I tell you something. Whenever I want to read something really, really hot I come to your stories.

Once more... woah! So gonna need a shower now ;)
ClawofCat: orgasmclawofcat on September 28th, 2007 03:03 pm (UTC)
Haha! Feelin' the heat on this one, hm? Mission accomplished, then. Hold still a sec. I'll get the fire hose!
Swayxheartrockx on September 28th, 2007 03:20 pm (UTC)
that's not going to cut it anymore, i believe ;)
But at least it's warding of the chill in my room :D
shawty got flava like a peach lifesaver: btvs spuffy morning afteronly_passenger on September 28th, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
oh, fuck.

there is so much fabulousness in this story. it's what i wanted, and i love it.

hot, yes. really, really, really hot. i'm totally trembling and even less coherant than usual.

what i love most, though, is the rest. buffy dipping her finger in spike's come and then dotting it onto his nose. her leaning in the door frame, laughing, when she sets her eyes on exhibitionist!spike. the banter and teasing and quipping and sincere affection they pass back and forth the whole time. the playfulness and ease and attraction.

do you know the community fecundfic? you should post this there. it doesn't get a ton of posting action, but it's multi-fandom and a lot of people read it that don't read the communities we usually post in.

off to rec you. la la la!
ClawofCat: feel aliveclawofcat on September 28th, 2007 02:59 pm (UTC)
Eee! So pleased to hear that this is what you wanted. I was surprised how easily this one came. Writing about the mundane is something I really enjoy. This whole fic, in some ways, describes the Spuffy writing I do overall. Buffy's narration talks about the stolen moments of everyday living, and that's where a lot of my fics take place. During completely ordinary, uneventful instances.

I liked how she was both removed and active, as well. After reading it over a few times once I posted, it seems I've done an interesting thing with gender roles. Buffy is without fail female here: she's pregnant, for one. And Spike...well, no one could say he's not the sexiest male ever. But I play with active/passive a lot in terms of action. Buffy as the voyeur, Spike as the sex object. Pentrator/penetratee stuff, too. I'm not articulating myself, but in my head they seem very fluid, and go back and forth between stereotypical masc. and fem.

This might be the hottest thing I've ever written. Thanks so much for your wishlist!

So, uh, yes. Um...? Work now? *scampers*
eowyn_315: buffyeowyn_315 on September 28th, 2007 02:22 am (UTC)
I like what you did with the ending. It works better this way, I think. Beautiful job (as usual). *squish*
mere ubu: dance-in-redmere_ubu on February 16th, 2008 05:10 pm (UTC)
Guh to the nth.

Okay, this is like the third time I've come back to read this. I just love it. It's such a sweet, dirty little snapshot of happy Spike & Buffy (and baby), and I don't think I've read anything quite like it. It feels very real.

“Every flat surface shall know thy wrath.”

Sooo funny. Thank you for this.
ClawofCat: got ecstasyclawofcat on March 2nd, 2008 08:25 pm (UTC)
Sorry for responding so late. I never got a message alerting me to your comment. Good thing I came by to re-read and noticed it. You're not the only one who enjoys coming back to this story! =D

It's such a sweet, dirty little snapshot of happy Spike & Buffy (and baby), and I don't think I've read anything quite like it. It feels very real.

I never write fluffy stuff, but this was wonderful to work on. It was one of those easy fics that I was able to bang out in 2-3 days. only_passenger's request was so lovely and specific, I had no trouble figuring out what she wanted.

I'm glad that everything that I wrote rang true. We're seeing a Buffy and Spike quite unlike the ones on the show, and I tried to stay true to their voices. Spike is so filthy, and it was refreshing to write Buffy who both appreciated and partook in the filth. It makes me really miss writing Spike.
Sotiassddgr on April 17th, 2008 07:48 am (UTC)
Oh God! The hotness of this was indescribable! *fans self* Ad I loved their interactions. Always thought if Buffy and Spike ended up together she'd give up 'normal' and realize it wasn't all that. You made a realistic scene were normal was all that and then some. You seriously rock, you know!
ClawofCat: coc spuffyclawofcat on April 17th, 2008 01:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the lovely review, Sotia. It's always great to see people enjoying this older fic. I have a soft spot for it. Pass gave me such a detailed and specific request, I was able to bang this out in 2-3 days, which is really fast for a shot of this length for me.

Always thought if Buffy and Spike ended up together she'd give up 'normal' and realize it wasn't all that. You made a realistic scene were normal was all that and then some.
I think I agree with you there. I don't think normal is in the cards for her, which is why I wrote normal was a place she liked to vacation in. In this 'verse Buffy is still an active Slayer, but she does have a family and gets to enjoy her downtime too. Something that she always lacked back in SunnyD was moderation. She was never able to bridge her Slayer responsibilities with personal happiness, and I think this fic shows the maturing of Buffy and how she has new expectations and priorities she wants to meet. In my mind, these two get super libidos with the super powers, so I don't see domesticity as a hinderance to their crazy fuckfests. There's just less smash and bash now. Wrecking the furniture could get a bit costly =)
framedinlove: portrait iconframedinlove on May 15th, 2008 10:21 pm (UTC)
I love love love this! I'm crazy about post series fics, and this one felt almost as if it had been written for me - so perfectly it fits to my view of this couple.

What I'm about to say next might just be the last proof of how warped my take on these genre titles is, but this is the kind of fic I'd love to call *gasp* fluff. Oh how I wish that fluff could just be an antonym to angst - that fluff would refer to a fic where Spike and Buffy are in a good place in their life (at least for a moment) and not to some syrupy nonsense. Calling this PWP would, in my opinion, do it horrible injustice because there's so much plot in it. It's as if everything they say, everything they do, every little detail about them and their surroundings tells us so much about what has happened before, where they are now and who they've become. Oh, and I just can't put the porn label on something this emotionally charged, something so full of warmth, understanding and love. And I refuse to call this romance. Romance is such a larger than life word, a bit pompous to begin with and, er, kinda sappy, too, whereas this fic's anything but. It feels and tastes and smells of real life. This is Buffy and Spike, two adults finally in a mature relationship, sharing a moment that on the other hand is hot as hell (oh yeah!) but which also shows us in it's almost painfully bare realism the deepness of the trust and love they now share. I honestly can't think of anything more beautiful than that.

I love the reference to the fact that life still isn't all hugs and puppies for them because real life isn't like that for any of us let alone could it be for these two individuals. I love the strong sense of how this is just a day in the life for them - not insignificant by any means, but a natural special moment somewhere between cooking and dish washing. I love seeing that they're leading a life together, being a family, and sort of merging Buffy's lifelong dream of normality and the realism of being two champions into a more or less functioning whole.

I might be weird, getting all thoughtful over this piece of fantastic hawtness, but it really affected my mind/heart as well as my body (well, I'm alive so how could it have not *g*).

Many thanks for the wonderful read!

Oh, and sorry for the awkward English - the language barrier got the best of me, I'm afraid...
ClawofCat: spuffy kissclawofcat on May 17th, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)
I'm so pleased to hear that this fic jived so closely to your own sensibilities regarding how you envision Spuffy as a couple. And that you got so much out of this fic - one that I simply wrote as a porny request for a friend - is truly gratifying. I do try to make even my smutty fare have a deeper resonanc that goes beyong the sex itself, and sometimes it takes an astute reader to pick up on that nuance. Generally, I've gotten "this is hot!" comments for this fic, so your detailed and specific review was a joy to read.

Your discussion of genres and where this partcular fic does or doesn't fit into them is something that I often grapple with. When I was considering how to categorize my latest Spuffy piece "Acts of Contrition" at an archive, I really wasn't sure how to label it. It was romantic and sad and hopeful, but did it really belong in angst, or fluff, or romance? Hard to say since it didn't feel like any one thing.

Thanks for acknowledging that this isn't really a PWP. I don't write those. I write lots of smutty fics, but there's always some deeper emotional theme or element that runs through the interaction. Sex just isn't interesting to me unless there's some dynamic that reveals something about the characters and who they are to each other and themselves. I once had someone describe my smuttier fics as KWS (Kink with Soul). I quite liked that.

It feels and tastes and smells of real life.
I very much like creating a sense of place in my fics. Not setting, per se, but an acute awareness for the reader of how a space is being used. Since my fics don't have very much action and the action tends to lay in emotional growth or character exploration, I'm glad you got that sense of place. I want it to feel real and I like to treat Buffy and Spike as real people. They face the same things that we do. In my stories, they're heroes, but they never play the hero. They're people, and I try to infuse that sense of realism into how they interact with their environment, usually domestic spaces.

I love the reference to the fact that life still isn't all hugs and puppies for them because real life isn't like that
Absolutely. Actually, in the WIP 'verse of mine that I created and this story is set in, life is anything but good. It's quite horrible for them. But there are good days and bad days, just like there are good days and bad days for us mere mortals. This day, this afternoon, well... it's one of the good ones. Even these two get to have their little crumbs of happiness. But never for too long :) I like them angsting.

Don't feel weird at all about gushing. And I don't know where you get the idea that there was a language barrier there. I was 100% able to understand what you said. You speak English much better than some who can call it their native tongue!
framedinlove: portrait iconframedinlove on May 18th, 2008 11:12 pm (UTC)
It's really nice to hear that my English doesn't come across too clumsy, then. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but I actually go to a lot of trouble to achieve at least some sort of fluency in my comments - it sooo doesn't come naturally. I'm a really verbal person in Finnish, and I find my inability to be the same way, to be my quick-tongued self in English both frustrating and confusing. It's really hard to adjust to this concept of communication where I pretty much have to give up on individual words and concentrate on trying to convey the general idea behind them. And so my comment writing is gawky and most of all slow, and that's the main reason why I'm not commenting as much as I'd like to. But when I do comment I really try and put my heart into it and hope it'll somewhat compensate the lack of quantity. So I guess if it's not my English that is awkward then it must be me feeling like it when I'm writing in English.

KWS (Kink with Soul).

Oh, that's absolutely brilliant! :D

my latest Spuffy piece "Acts of Contrition"

What a promising title - I'll most definitely read that next! Thanks for pointing me to the right direction! ;)

Oh, and I just noticed that this fic has won The Best Solo Action Award at indigo_crypt! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! This story more than deserves it!
keleosnoonnakeleosnoonna on May 30th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)
Holy SHIT! That was HOTTTT!
Woah... *looks around nervously* ... *giggles*

I really liked the lemony part (that's an understatement) of course, and I was pleasanlty surprised about the whole Spuffy interaction/dialog... there's a sense of... peace we've never been able to see on screen (nor in the majority of fics)
Thank you so much!
ClawofCat: spuffy kissclawofcat on May 31st, 2008 04:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I really enjoyed writing this one all those months ago. It was an excellent and detailed request that I just couldn't pass up.

I was pleasanlty surprised about the whole Spuffy interaction/dialog... there's a sense of... peace we've never been able to see on screen
For me, that was one of the most interesting things to work on when I wrote this. Tring to depict a different dynamic between them while still maintaining elements of their relationship that make them Buffy and Spike. Challenges like that are what make it worthwhile for me to write fanfic.

I saw that you friended me. All my fics are along my sidebar and there's many to choose from. I hope you find something you like!