ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

Spark & Burn Awards

When I got home after a day of class, I was greeted by an email from 

jdkitchenannouncing that I had picked up some awards at Spark and Burn. This was a really nice surprise given all my own recent personal drama. I've also felt down because I have no time to work on fic between school work and actual job-that-pays-me work, not to mention that today is 9/11 and I'm trying to mentally "not go there." 

Beneath Us seems to be the crowd-pleaser of my Spuffy fics, and it picked up awards for Best Angst (runner-up), and Best Buffy Characterization (runner-up). Nicest of all though was my win for Best New Author. Given my rather late jump into the fandom, it's really cool that my work has been acknowledged and I'm only sorry that I can't participate more or crank out chapters. Thanks to all of you that read and comment on my stories. Your support, both literary and personal, has been wonderful.

I'd like to also congratulate jdkitchen, herself_nyc, eowyn_315dreamsofspike& twilightschild9hollydb, and spikeslovebitefor their wins.


Tags: awards

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